Huobi Earn FAQ

Q1: What is Huobi Earn?

Huobi Earn features a variety of investment and wealth management products to provide users with digital asset management services; you can transfer your digital assets to "Flexible Deposits" or "Fixed Deposits" to earn APY income. At the same time, activities such as "Prime Earn" and "Featured" will be launched as time-limited promotions based on market conditions to provide users with more interest-earning options.

Q2: What is the difference between Flexible Earnings and Fixed Earnings?

Flexible Earnings allows you to transfer balances into daily-APY-earning instruments without a lock-in period, which offers investors great flexibility as well as asset growth.

Fixed Earnings is an APY-earning instrument that has a lock-in period and can only be redeemed at the end of the period. The Fixed Earnings instrument tends to offer a higher APY than Flexible Earnings due to the reduced flexibility.

Q3: Interest Calculation Rules for Flexible Earnings

The interest for the Flexible Earnings instrument will be calculated from the day after the subscription day. The daily profits will be added to the principal for the following interest calculation.

Q4: Redemption Rules for Flexible Earnings 

You can redeem your assets at any time after the successful subscription. The redemption day will be excluded from the interest calculation period.

Huobi Earn carries out inter-day carryover and system maintenance from 16:00:00 to 17:00:00 (UTC) every day, during which redemption is not supported. 

Q5: Auto Subscription Function

You can activate the Auto Subscription function in Flexible Earnings. If you turn on the function, available balances will be automatically transferred from your Exchange account to Flexible Earnings at 10:00 (UTC).

Q6: Interest Calculation Rules for Fixed Earnings

Interests will be calculated starting from the day after the subscription day. The calculation is based on the interest rate at the point when the subscription is activated successfully. 

Q7: Redemption Rules for Fixed Earnings

Users won’t be able to redeem their assets during the subscription offer period. Subscription principal and interest will be automatically redeemed and transferred to users Exchange accounts after the expiration day.

Q8: Auto Transfer to Flexible Earnings

If users activate the “Auto Transfer to Flexible Earnings” function, users' principal and interest for products in Fixed Earnings will be transferred to the corresponding products in Flexible Earnings at the end of the Fixed Earnings offer period.

Q9: Requirements for Using Huobi Earn

Users are required to complete registration and ID verification for their Huobi account prior to usage. In addition, users' available balances should meet the minimum subscription requirements in order for their subscriptions to be processed successfully.

Please take note that Huobi Earn is currently not available for users from Mainland China, Macao China, the US, Japan, and other countries or regions where limitations have been placed on cryptocurrency investments.

Q10: Is the principal guaranteed on my deposits in Huobi Earn?

Yes, all assets deposited into Huobi Earn are principally guaranteed.

Q11: Am I guaranteed to earn interest on Huobi Earn products even if the crypto markets go down?

Interest from Huobi Earn's Flexible, Fixed and Featured deposits are guaranteed. Interest is distributed in the denomination of the type of token deposited and is unaffected by exchange rates.

Q12:Why should I use Huobi Earn?

Huobi Earn offers you the opportunity to earn interest on a diverse portfolio of digital assets that you do not wish to trade with. As we expand our services, more and more tokens will be made available on Huobi Earn for you to deposit into interest-earning accounts.

Q13: How do I start earning?

  • Find Huobi Earn in your web or mobile application (Web: Login to Huobi Global to find Huobi Earn under Finance on the top navigation bar / Mobile App: Tap Huobi Earn on the middle section of the App homepage)
  • Choose the staking terms (Flexible/Fixed/Featured) and the token that you want to deposit
  • Enter the amount that you want to deposit and decide if you want to activate Auto Transfer (activated by default)
  • Read and agree to the terms in the Huobi Earn Contract
  • Click "Subscribe"

For more information, please refer to the User Guide for Huobi Earn.